Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Me as Mom vs. Kids and Photography Equiptment

With my office being at home, and photography my passion,  I tend to get a bit wrapped up in it. Dinner can be late some nights, things may not get picked up around the house. Laundry...... I won't even go there... Life is always an adventure with 2 busy boys and a little girl that is quietly mischievous and just a bit sneaky.
Props and Imaginations -It can be interesting having your business in your home... where you live... all the time... with your kids... My kids LOVE to play with my props. I will go into my studio and my kids will have the props all drug out, happily bouncing on the chairs and baskets, with blankets and baby wraps strew around in "placed" chaos, having created the most magnificent "moon truck"
they have ever seen. Their imaginations go wild! And then it is left for me to clean, fold and organize them all again. Did you know, I have this wonderful little tin tub that when you flip it over and jump on it, it makes the best popping noises, they like to "dive" off of it into their imaginary swim pool! 
Memory Cards & Babies - Thankfully I've yet to have a major mishap with a memory card. Although my 1yr old (I'm sure it was him) got into my office and grabbed a couple off my desk and I found them strewn about the house) Thankfully I did not find any food stuck in them or bite marks to the outside.
Kids and Studio Equipment- Where do I begin? Whatever the reason all three of my kids at one point or another have been fascinated with my lights, light stands and umbrellas. My lights have multiple times been pushed over, pulled over, buttons pushed, settings changed, dented, bent and broke. The light stands have been tipped over in attempt to ride them as horses. They have been set up to be used as a jungle gym. I'm surprised they have not been placed between 2 chairs to use in a tightrope act. (maybe I've just never caught them at that act!?) My umbrellas are on their last leg from the spills suffered at the hands of my children.  (I would use electrical tape and duct tape to fix them, but I'm afraid of what my clients would think. Does Duck Tape come in white?) As one of the cheapest pieces of photography equipment that you can buy, the new ones are in the shopping cart on-line and have been sitting there for several months, but I've been debating on getting some soft boxes and scrapping the umbrellas all together, hence the lack of hitting the purchase button! :) Thankfully no kids were hurt in their creative disobedience in attempt at using my studio equipment in forming their own little world. 
Backdrops- They are used almost weekly in games of hide and go seek. Sneaking behind them just to run out screaming when they think you are close enough to see them.
Pettiskirts, hair flowers and everything girly or even remotely interesting. (Which to my 4year old little girl is everything) If I can't first find a certain prop, it's usually stuffed under Isabella's bed in attempt to hide her playing during nap time.
Camera Equipment- It's a little nerve racking to see your 1 year old holding several thousand dollars of camera equipment in their hands, after they have pulled it off the counter by its strap. I'm sure he was wondering what this toy can really do. Do you throw it? Drop it? Chew on it? Thankfully mom to the rescue again!
At the end of the day the photography equipment is not nearly as important as my kids, they are much more valuable than any piece of equipment or all of it combined. I will happily give up every bit of it for them if I ever need too. But in the end the memories that they create for me are worth the broken umbrellas, bent and dented studio lights. Their heightened imaginations and creative adventures that they have all while laughing and trying to whisper at each other so "mom" doesn't hear them, are worth it to me, because as one of the things I want most in life out of my children, right after learning to love God, is that my kids are friends with each other.