Friday, September 20, 2013


1. The door bell rings. Its UPS with a delivery of a canvas for a client. I go to the door with my  youngest on my hip, Aaron. He is yelling something at the top of his lungs, screaming something undistinguishable but he is repeating it over and over and over and over and over again.  He wants what is in that box. All of the sudden the words start to become clear. DOUGHNUT. Yes doughnut, those magical, crispy, sugary pastries that melt in your mouth, make a mess in your car and create monsters out of my children. 

The box is brown, slightly smaller than a typical doughnut box, but it's a box that to an almost 2 year old holds a striking resemblance to a doughnut box.

Me, "Aaron, it's not doughnuts, it's a canvas."


Me, "No."

Aaron, "Doughnuts?"

Me, "No, ok fine I'll open it and show you."

I now have a super exited toddler anticipating the opening of those beloved doughnuts that he knows are in that box. I open the box to see his baby face look a little less excited and finally gave in to the fact that, no there really wasn't a doughnut in the box.

Even though there wasn't anything in that box that Aaron was anticipating, it was something that I was looking forward too. A canvas ordered for one of my clients. It's almost like Christmas opening the boxes that come in for my clients. It's pictures of them, it's my perspective, it's who they are, it's unique, it's beautiful, it's them.

Friday, September 6, 2013

There has never been a more beautiful you…. Nominate Them

It’s time to show those in our lives how beautiful they really are.
I have always thought of photography as one of those talents and desires that God has put on my heart. I feel the need to capture those special moments as they are little time treasures that will pass so quickly that you will soon forget about them unless there is a visual reminder that it happened. I have felt blessed with the opportunities to photograph my friends, family and my clients. When I say it has been a pleasure to work with you, I mean it. It has been an honor. Every person is created so unique and each person holds their own beauty. I feel so honored to be chosen to photograph them, their beauty and who they are as a person.
After every session when I sit down and go through the images for proofs, I think “Wow, they are beautiful!” Everyone has their own unique look and a beauty that is all theirs. It could be a smile, their eyes, the soft look they give their children, their pregnant belly and with hundreds of stretch marks carrying that precious life. Everyone has their own insecurities coming into a session. Some even refuse to be photographed because of the clothes they think they need to wear and don’t have or weight they think they need to lose or gain or that they are aging and have a few wrinkles, or gray hair. In the end it doesn’t really matter how you dressed, if you have a few extra pounds that you’d like to shed, it is who you are at the moment, and its special, it’s you, it’s beautiful, truly beautiful.
We all know someone who is so much more beautiful than they ever give themselves credit for. Outside or in, it’s beautiful, the actions towards others, always giving of themselves to others, that person that is so beautiful physically but doesn’t think they are, the military families that give of themselves and their families and where they are separated for months on end, the single mom who works, goes to school and raises her kids by herself. There is beauty in all of this, beauty in each person. What about the person who is sick, and needs a healing touch? The parents that want the best for their kids but can barely afford to feed them 3 full meals a day? We all know someone that needs a little extra blessing in their live to show them how beautiful they really are, regardless of how they dress, what they look like or the circumstances surrounding their lives.
So with this I give you the honor of showing them how truly beautiful they really are. I want to take my gift of photography and give back to others. I want to bless someone with a photography session, I want to bless them with memories, I want to bless them with prints they will cherish, I want to bless them by showing them how beautiful they really are, I want you to tell me who you want it to be.
I want you to tell me a bit about that person, their story, their name, their age, what is so beautiful about that person. What inspires you about that person. What are their life circumstances. Why you think they would like the photography session.
To nominate that special, beautiful person/persons/family in your life
Email your stories to

We will have a panel review the stories and select the person/persons/family for the session!
Nominations will close October 20th 2013 We will be giving the nominee selected a complimentary session, (1) 11×14 canvas gallery wrap (10) 5×7 prints and (25) 4×6 prints from the session.
By emailing the stories to Guardipee Photography you are giving Guardipee Photography the rights to publish the stories on the Guardipee Photography website, blog and facebook page. Please indicate if you’d like the names changed or omitted before they are published.
Guardipee Photography will take the photos in or around the Great Falls, MT area.