Sunday, December 1, 2013

a zoo and engagement pictures

Do you ever have one of those moments and wonder did this really just happen and was it really that embarrassing?  Yep, today was one of those days. Being that I work out of my home, I have the pleasure of meeting clients at my home (while kids are being watched by a babysitter, or if it's a quick stop by a client, I send my kids upstairs to watch a movie quietly). Today however was one of those days where I had a friend come over for a chat in the afternoon and let our kids play and hopefully wear themselves out for an amazing nap.

Also having a good friend over for a visit doesn't require getting out of your sweats, hair combed or makeup on. They accept you as you are. :) Yes, I looked a mess but I was happy and it was an amazing visit.

Pretty soon it's time for my friend to go home and me to get my kid from school. At this point I went to locate my phone. I have a missed calls, and several text messages. One of which is a client that I just did an engagement session for, seeing if they can come drop off payment for pictures, another from my husband who is coming back home from a business trip. I quickly call him back to see if he is able to pick up our kid from school, he can't, so I'm scrambling to get my other kids ready to go, I'm trying to get out of my sweats, my hair at this point is a lost cause, makeup, forget it.  My friend is packing up her kids getting them ready to go, I'm scrambling to find even my shoes, And for those of you who don't have kids. This can be an extremely crazy time getting kids out the door saying goodbye to their friends and finding all they're outerwear to go outside.

About 2 minutes later my clients show up at my door. These clients are amazing, they are great to work with and such a pleasure plus I get to do their wedding next summer!  I open the door with my baby on my hip, he's in a dirty shirt with a messy face, in a diaper without pants on, a dog barking at my clients, and then begging for attention, (I wish I kicked the dog outside) and a 4 year old deciding it will be fun to show off and gain some attention by laying on the floor in front of my clients, eating an apple, staring at them. I'm sure all the kids were making noise by this time,  because my mom ears were trying to tune out everything but intelligent adult conversation with my clients, and I was lacking in the intelligent conversation part.

They paid in cash, and I owed them a dollar in change, by this point my kids were acting like they lived in a zoo, (I'm not really sure what my friend or my friends kids were doing, but all I could think about was "Oh my goodness!"  It's a zoo in here!"

So I'm like let me get you your change, they are like, "no it's no big deal." I'm like "no I got it." (At this point I should have just given up and put it towards their credit) I run to get my cash. I cannot find any one dollar bills. (I always have $1 bills) At this point I'm leaving my crazy, animal like, dirty kids in the same room as my clients. (I'm really not thinking at this point, mom brain has kicked in and its in complete survival mode) I'm like where are my $1 bills? I guess they'll get change. I dump my purse out on the counter praying "Lord please let me just have 4 quarters!" I really don't want to have to resort to nickels and dimes, or even locating the kids piggy bank.... 1 quarter, 2 quarters, 3 quarters......... Aaahhhhh!!! a 4th! Got it! I rush back to my clients give them they're change. Smile, and wonder what they are really thinking..... After exchanging a few small words we say goodbye. And I wonder to myself was that just as crazy as I thought it was.

I told my husband about it when he got home and he said, "no, it was probably worse then you imagined."

So my wonderful clients, when I come to the door for you to pick up prints or drop off payments, and I come out into the porch and don't invite you in. It's really not that I don't want you in my house, it's that well, you may encounter a pack of wild animals surrounding you, talking in a language that you may not understand, begging for attention in a bizarre sort of way that you may wonder if that really is a child down there on the floor or if you have just entered a new form of petting zoo....