Monday, July 13, 2015

There has never been a more beautiful you…. Shelley

A while back I posted a blog post for you to nominate a beautiful person in your life. We received several heart felt and touching nominations. What a pleasure to read them. The panel reviewed them and this one touched the hearts of those who read it. Today was the day we finally met for pictures. I had the honor to photograph this beautiful woman that was nominated by her beautiful daughter Jolynn. This is her story.......
I would like to nominate my mom Shelley Olson. She just turned 63 this month and never believes me when I tell her how beautiful she is.

My mom was born with club foot and was told she would never walk. 16 operations and an enormous amount of determination later, she did walk. That determination has kept her going all these years. She did everything she ever put her mind to. She never gave up.

At 39 she had a major stroke and became disabled. Even then she still continued to do whatever she could to help others. 
She volunteered at the VETS club, she ran friends to appts, cared for an elderly couple until they passed. During this time she fell and broke her back and her leg started to give out that had all the operations.
She now has a leg brace from her foot to her hip.She suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and her hands are deformed from this.
Most people would give up, and while she has an occasional bad day and fixates on the deformities and brace, she still loves to dress nice when going out and wear her nice jewelry. 
 She still helps others as much as possible, running errands for them, taking them to appts, giving them food, whatever she can.

If you see that my mom is your beautiful person to photograph then I hope she could see what I see every day. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Amanda G. Senior 2015

Plans after graduation... College
Dream Vacation... Bahamas

Dream Job... Nurse
Biggest Accomplishment so far... Started College
Favorite thing to do... Spending time with friends

First thing you'd do if you won $1 million... Buy a car
The perfect day for me would be... Relax

I choose Guardipee Photography Because... Recommendation 
The best part about school has been... Friends

Erica D. Senior 2015

Plans after graduation: Cosmetology
Dream Vacation: Paris
What makes me happy: Being with family
Dream Job: Have my own beauty salon
Biggest Accomplishment so far: Almost completing my High School Career
Favorite thing to do: Drawing Art
Something Unique about me: I like to work alone
Favorite Hangout: With my boyfriend (Shawn)
First thing you'd do if you won $1 million: Get a car paid offOne goal I have this year: to get in the MT Acadamy of Salons
I may or may not be slightly obsessed with: My future
Friends would say the phrase I use most is: "Oh my gosh!"
My last good deed: Clean my back yard
Best Advice Ever Received: "Use your brain, not your back."
 The perfect day for me would be: Summer day on the beach
I choose Guardipee Photography Because: I got recommended by a friend
The best part about school has been: Hanging with friends
What is your favorite childhood memory? Being with my family in Wyoming

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sami W.- Senior 2015

Plans after graduation. Attend Montana State University

 Dream Job. Any job that would make me happy
 Biggest Accomplishment so far. Helping launch a cultural non-profit during my sophomore year.
 First thing you'd do if you won $1 million. Pay for college
 One goal I have this year. TO GRADUATE!
 Best Advice Ever Received. Do what makes you happy.
 What makes me happy. Being around family and friends with good vibes.

The best part about school has been. The memories made throughout the years.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Personal Project: Lighting and post processing 101

Sometimes you just need a few personal projects to push your own creative boundaries. 

A. I've been thinking about lighting lately and have been wanting to create something that is just for me, in a style that I've been wanting to try, no pressure from my subject, and no pressure from me...

B. I've also been attempting to post process pictures to produce a certain "look". I don't feel like I have been able to produce what has been in my head until I discovered this lighting setup.  I'm super excited about it!

I have several built in subjects and 1 or 2 are usually willing to sit for a few moments while I test things out. I liked what I saw, however I had no idea if this lighting would work for other subjects. I put out a call on Facebook asking for a couple of people to come in to test this new lighting setup with me.

Thankfully 3 beautiful ladies, Jolynn, Beth and Laura came to my rescue!

1. Jolynn: She was my first subject to test.... I wasn't really sure where I wanted to take these pictures just yet, so she was strictly my "lighting guinea pig." 
2. Laura came to visit me next. Shes having a baby!!! So of course I have to take pictures of the baby bump. (the picture of the bump is at the bottom of this post) I had a little better vision for her and I'm in love with the new lighting at this point.
3. Beth: I told Beth to come in with no make up and don't dress up. :)  Beth has a great personality and was more then willing to humor me. :) Thank you for all your amazing faces! 

A couple extra shots from the lighting and post processing combo...